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Lala "Between Us" [CD]

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Indonesian-Filipina singer Lala Karmela relased her third studio album titled Between Us in 2013. 

"It's a delight to hear what Lala Karmela has to offer in her new album. Instantly, you'll reminisce in the joy of 90's pop song. Her music is brave, bold, and she is not at all afraid to show another side of "pop". Her music is simply easy listening to the ears of those who appreciate good music." -Sandra Asteria, Musical Director, Trax FM Jakarta. 

Audio CD
Sinijitos Records  
Track Listing
01. Morning Star

02. Between Us

03. Berkilau

04. Let's Go For A Ride

05. I Don't Know What To Wear

06. Selamanya

07. This Moment

08. You Got Me Again