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Martin Denev "Bamness" [CD]

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Indonesian musician Martin Denev released his second album titled Bamness in 2011. In this album, he collaborated with Colonel Red and "Other Survivors" including Roth Koleva, Nuria Manzur, Ventzi Blagoev, Michail Ivanov, Vassil Voutev and Fer van Duuren. The album is filled with 11 songs that are highly infectious and will force you to dance right away! 

Audio CD
Track Listing
01. Love is Hidin In The Changes (vocal by Colonel Red, trumpet by Ventzi Blagocv and double bass by Michail Ivanev)

02. All Of Us  (vocal by Colonel Red and percussion by Juri Keufner)

03. Quiet Is The New Loud (vocal by Ruth Koleva)

04. Postwoman (vocal by Colonel Red)

05. Man Without a Plan (vocal by Muria Manzur and Martin Denev)

06. My Mind is Made Up (vocal by Colonel Red) 

07. Anyway You Want It (vocal by Colonel Red) 

08. Nothing But Dreams (vocal by Ruth Koleva and additional drums by Vassil Voutev) 

09. Turn of Events - Interlude

10. Turn of Events (drums by Vassil Voutev) 

11. Strong Finally (vocal by Colonel Red and conga's by Fer van Duuren)