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Various Artist "Dentum Dansa Bawah Tanah" [CD]

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Pepaya Records, an independent record label based in Jakarta, collaborated with Studiorama and released an electronic music compilation in 2016. The album, titled Dentum Dansa Bawah Tanah, consists 14 Indonesian electronic music bands. They are REI, Basement House, Harvy Abdurachman, Django, whoosah, Android 18, Duck Dive, Swarsaktya, Future Collective, Maverick & Moustapha Spliff, Sattle, Sunmantra, Baldi, and John van der Mijl.

Audio CD
Pepaya Records/ Demajors 
Track Listing
01. Evening Mood (Dub) by REI

02. Elevator Music by Whoosah

03. Badar Tropis by Harvy Abdurachman

04. Mind Over Matter by Swarsaktya 

05. All Around by Sattle 

06. Rotasi by Baldi 

07. Aquatique by Android 18

08. Sirene by Basement House 

09. Silver Boy by Sunmantra 

10. Kamseng Riddim by Django 

11. Selain Itu by Maverick & Moustapha Spliff

12. Mahe by Duck Dive 

13. Vista Panoramica by Future Collective 

14. Final Shop (Jakarta Kota) by John van der Mijl